What are the applications of nano calcium carbonate?

In daily life, nano-calcium carbonate has the characteristics of ultra-fine and ultra-pure, and can effectively control the crystal form and particle size during the production process. The nano-calcium carbonate after surface modification has good compatibility with rubber. Therefore, the use of a spatial three-dimensional structure in the rubber fundamentally changes the performance of the rubber product. What are the applications of nano calcium carbonate?
First, plastic
Main application areas: PVC profiles, pipes; wire and cable cortical granule; PVC film (calender film) production, shoe manufacturing (such as PVC soles and decorative patches). It is suitable for engineering plastic modification, PP, PE, PA, PC, etc.
Application characteristics: Due to the hydrophobicity of the active nano-CaCO3 surface, it has good compatibility with the resin, can effectively improve or adjust the rigidity, toughness, smoothness and bending strength of the product; improve the processing performance and improve the rheological property and dimensional stability of the product. The heat-resistant stability has the functions of filling, reinforcing and toughening, and can replace some expensive fillers and aids, reduce the amount of resin, thereby reducing the production cost of the product and improving the market competitiveness. 

Second, rubber
Applications: Natural rubber, nitrile, butyl benzene, rubber compound, etc., suitable for tires, hoses, tapes, oil seals, auto parts and other rubber products.
Application characteristics: The nano-calcium carbonate after surface modification has good compatibility with rubber, and has the functions of reinforcing, filling, coloring, improving the addition process and products, and making the rubber easy to mix and disperse. After mixing, the rubber is soft and the rubber surface is smooth; the elongation, tensile strength and tear strength of the product can be improved substantially; the gelatinization rate can be reduced or the expensive white powder such as titanium white powder or white carbon black can be partially replaced, to improve the market competitiveness of products. 

Third, sealing adhesive materials
Applications: Silicone, polyflow, polyurethane, epoxy and other sealing structural adhesives.
Application characteristics: It is applied to the sealing adhesive material and has good affinity with the rubber compound. It can accelerate the crosslinking reaction of the rubber, greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, enhance the dimensional stability, improve the mechanical properties of the rubber, and adding amount is large, and the double effect of filling and replenishing is achieved. At the same time, it can make the surface of the rubber material bright and delicate. 

Fourth, paint
Applications: Waterborne and oily coatings.
Application characteristics: greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, can significantly improve the adhesion of the coating, scrub resistance, stain resistance, improve strength and surface finish, and has a good anti-settling effect, partial replacement of titanium dioxide, reducing costs. 

Five, ink
Applications: Suitable for lithographic offset inks, gravure inks, etc.
Application characteristics: using the ink of nano calcium carbonate, the body and viscosity are better, so it has good printing performance; good stability; fast dryness and no opposite effect; because the particles are small, the printed products are smooth and the dots are complete. It can improve the finish of the ink and is suitable for high speed printing. 

Applications: Cigarette paper, recording paper, book printing paper, high whiteness coated paper, and high-grade sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, etc.
Application characteristics: Adding nano-calcium carbonate in papermaking can improve the bulk density, apparent fineness and water absorption of paper; improve the strength and high-speed printing of special paper; adjust the burning speed of cigarette paper.

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